Conceptual Crowdfunding Video / Brand Identity

A collaborative project with Briar Lomas

NiceEars is a fictional startup looking to get their affirmation earrings funded. Whilst boasting new and exciting in-ear technology the product is first and foremost jewellery, something that has to be fashionable and therefore, desirable. The aesthetic of the video is carefully crafted to also meet these requirements.

For this project I took the lead when it came to dealing

The hook for the video involves audio over a blank screen, followed by a direct address—arousing intrigue and bringing the viewer into our world. Entwined within this narrative the features of our product is promoted, verifying it as a trusted device and a worthy investment — an investment incentivised by our promise of more features and a better product in the future.

The colour palette references a subdued 80’s palette, in line with youth culture’s current vintage revival. This is also the reasoning behind our branding, utilising the cult classic and undeniably friendly typeface Hobo. These stylistic decisions and the product itself target the adolescent/young adult demographic, capitalising on the inherent insecurities of this pubescent period.